While most of us do not need to use them on a daily basis, we all have the instincts to do what we can to survive. We will seek food, water, and shelter, though for most of us it is not that hard to find on a daily basis. But, if you want to think about people staying alive on this Earth for more than the next couple of hundred years then many environmentalists tell us that our survival instincts should be going towards preserving the planet. To do that we need to do everything we can to practice sustainability.

The concept of sustainability is pretty simple. It is believed that everything that we need to survive is dependent on environmental factors. This means that whatever we do in our lives, whether it be working in outsourcing or buying cleaning products for our home, we need to consider the effects that we are having on the planet and whether they are positive or negative. The things that we are using that this movement is currently trying to preserve are water, minerals, and natural resources like wood and gas. No matter if you're living in a small loft or running a farm, you can't say that you don't use and need these things on a daily basis.

If you want to look deeper into how you are effecting the environment when it comes to its sustainability than you should start by thinking of the energy sources that you use and if they are able to be made or if they are a non-renewable substance. If you're using chemicals to clean your pool or spa, for instance, than you are likely using products that may be harmful as well as electricity to run the pumps. Think of where that is coming from and what impact it has on the environment to create. Some people get their electricity from wind or the sun rather than from things like oil. You can talk to the experts at Atlantis Pools a visit if you would like to discuss safe alternative chemicals or at least proper usage.

Most of the things in the world grow and can be created in some way but we don't have a lot of control over how it is done. If you're using wood to create little dog houses or huge homes than you can plant more trees to replace the ones that you're using, for instance. One of the biggest issues when it comes to sustainability is that we are using products faster than the world can recreate them. This means that it is more about slowing down our consumption than stopping it all together. There is also the issue of an increasing global population. There is a whole sheave of research papers out there saying that we are less than a century or two away from reaching the Earth's capacity for people.

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