From an early age, children are taught that our environment is under assault from the ordinary things that we do to maintain our lifestyles. This is important, because if we want to bring the planet back into balance we will need environmentally-minded youngsters. However, there may still be people out there who don't know much about how the things they do are hurting the Earth. This article should help.

Air Pollution

It is air pollution that we need to be most concerned about now. Why? Because the gases we release into the air (such as carbon dioxide and methane) during electricity production and the making of industrial valves in factories is changing the temperature of the Earth. This is because these gases trap more of the sun's rays in the atmosphere than ordinary air. Other forms of air pollution include sulfur, which makes acid rain, and smog. This page is compliments of in Savannah.

Water Pollution

For thousands of years humans have been dumping their liquid waste into rivers, lakes, and oceans, but this needs to stop, because there's only so much that the water can absorb before it becomes polluted and undrinkable to humans, plants, and animals. Human waste, sewage, industrial chemicals, runoff from city streets and dumps, and oil are all common water pollutants. It comes from factories, sewers, runoff, dumping, and leakage are how they get into the water. The constant pollutants caused by humans keep water treatment companies busy.

Soil Pollution

We need healthy soil if we want to grow food and plant trees that filter the air of carbon dioxide. But plants need nutrients too, from the soil in which they're planted. If all they can find is pollution, then they won't grow properly and may not grow at all. If the soil is contaminated by discarded litter or by leaked oil or chemicals, any plants that grow in it will not be safe to eat.

Plant and Animal Pollution

Plants and animals are a key part of the balance of the Earth, like the weights that allow a bridge to open and close. Humans are affecting plants and animals too. By cutting down trees to plant corn or by hunting tigers to extinction, we are upsetting the balance. We can even pollute one animal - and our own food supply - by injecting livestock with unnecessary medications and hormones to make it larger or reduce the amount of natural care it needs.

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