For thousands of years, the Aboriginal peoples of Canada have believed in the healing power of ceremony. Before huge homes and condo developments and office buildings and automobiles, the First Nations peoples of North America were attempting to live in balance with the planet. Though times have changed since then, many Aboriginal people still believe in the balance and the necessity that it be maintained. Some of them are attempting to spread the word about out harmful habits and bring about change and balance. One of these people is Benny LeBeau, also known as Blue Thunder.

The Earth Wisdom Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to further Benny LeBeau's aims, which he publicizes through his website, Teton Rainbows. If you're interested in learning more about the work of Benny LeBeau and what effect he could have on your environment, or more about the Earth Wisdom Foundation, then this website should help. It contains information on the Earth Wisdom Foundation, Teton Rainbows, Benny "Blue Thunder" LeBeau, as well as the Eastern Shoshone Nation, from which Benny LeBeau originates. We hope you find it helpful.

Benny LeBeau is a member of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, which is a Native American tribe in the United States. Since First Nations groups predate modern state and national borders, Eastern Shoshone territory includes parts of Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and Montana. Most Native Americans have homes, cars and jobs like everyone else, but have special exemptions to certain government regulations. The reservation that Benny Le Beau comes from is the Wind Rover Reservation in Ft. Washakie, Wyoming.

Benny LeBeau draws on the culture of his tribe as well as from his education in his work. He has studied Cultural Anthropology and Applied Indigenous Studies. He is also a member of a group known as Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth, whose mission is to protect sacred Aboriginal sites by controlling development of things like shopping malls and condo buildings for lease units. Benny LeBeau's aim is to heal our planet by teaching others about how to maintain the balance of the elements and by conducting huge ceremonies meant to restore the balance when things get out of whack. Kind of like self-help counselling, but for the Earth. To learn more about Benny LeBeau's background and mission, you can consult our articles on the subject or visit Benny LeBeau's Teton Rainbows organization website.

You might also be interested in learning more about some of the ceremonies that Benny LeBeau has conducted. They follow the Eastern Shoshone tradition and are meant to avert disasters and restore balance between Mother Earth and humans. These ceremonies include the Medicine Wheel ceremony and some have encompassed an area of more than a thousand miles. To learn more about these ceremonies, what they're meant to accomplish and how to participate in one, read our articles on ceremonies.

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